About 2 Tea Lovers Store


We are two tea lovers offering quality teas in our web store. We were frustrated by our inability to buy quality tea in local shops or online. Really? Yes, really. We knew we could do better.

We are Fan & Michael Stanbrough, a husband and wife team obsessed with quality tea. We have personally sourced our initial tea selections from small tea farmers in China. The aromas and tastes of these teas are divine! Give us a chance, and as our business expands so too will our offerings of exceptional teas at fair prices.

We offer fresh, high quality green and oolong teas. How to tell the difference? Let us educate you.

What is quality tea? Fresh, high quality tea in the container is aromatic. The aroma will vary by the type of tea, from herbaceous, floral, fruity, to smoky. Note that we refer only to unflavored teas, those without added flowers, fruits, or flavorings. Fresh, high quality teas do not need added flavorings to be aromatic and tasty. Think your tea store sells quality tea? Do the sniff test! Smell any plain dry tea leaves. Any good fresh green or oolong tea will have a fresh, pleasant, intense "green" aroma..

We guarantee the quality and freshness of the tea we sell. We hope to set a similarly high bar for the service we offer our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or complaints. If we are not doing the best possible job in ensuring an excellent customer experience, then we want to know.

We are committed to educating consumers about high quality tea -- what are the characteristics of good, fresh tea, how to judge tea quality, how to brew tea for best enjoyment, and introducing other aspects of tea culture. The best way to learn to appreciate good tea is a tea tasting. If you are in the Boston area, contact us for details about hosting a tasting party.

Please peruse our catalog and blog for more information about the world of tea. We welcome your questions, suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

Enjoy your shopping experience.


Thank you from us at 2TeaLovers.com

Fan & Mike Stanbrough